Public Transport

The easiest way to reach the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University is to arrive at the Cascina Gobba underground station (MM green line 2) and from there:

  • either take the shuttle train purchasing a return ticket costing €0.75 (€0.52 – if purchased using the university ID card).
  •  or take the bus towards Milano 2 – San Raffaele and get off at the stop outside the DIBIT building. In this case you can continue using the same public transport ticket, valid for 75 minutes, that you have already used for the underground.


Self-service canteen

On the university site there is a self-service canteen open to students once a day from 12.00 to 14.30 during term times.


Sports facilities

Students may use the sports facilities situated near the University complex at a reduced charge. Free use of the complex is allowed during certain times of the day. Information can be obtained from the Student Office contacting

Location: DIBIT building

Via Olgettina 58, 20132 Milano
phone: + 39 02 2643 2760
fax:     + 39 02 2643 2761


With the birth of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and its transfer to the DIBIT building, the library has become both more modern and more functional as far as space and services are concerned in order to support both teaching and research activities. Situated on the first floor of the DIBIT building, the library has a large and luminous consultation hall, posts for on-line research and, thanks to the so-called “open shelf” collocation, permits direct access to the material available to every user. There are 40,000 volumes of periodicals and over 400 active subscriptions. The monographic collection amounts to around 6,000 volumes.

As well as the traditional biomedical data banks (Medline, Embase, Healthstar; Cancerlit, etc.) the library has access to the data banks DATA STAR and PSYC-Info, which is the largest data bank in the field of psychology.

The library catalogue is on-line and can be reached from any terminal on the San Raffaele Hospital/University complex.


Opening times
The library is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 19.00.


Access to the library
Access is also permitted to external readers upon permission given by the library following presentation of an ID card.


Library Facilities

  • Internal consultation

Consultation is free and can be carried out in a hall with 100 seats and 8 on-line research  posts.

The material may be photocopied, in keeping with the copyright laws in force

  • Loans

The loan service is exclusively for San Raffaele Hospital/University complex users and is active whenever the library is open

  • Courses for the recovery of bibliographic information

The library organises courses for Vita-Salute University students regarding the internet consultation of on-line library catalogues (OPAC) and data banks and also to optimise the use of the library and its facilities.

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
phone: :+ 39 02 91751.541
fax: :+ 39 02 91971.454


University Nursing Course
phone: :+ 39 02 2643 2521
fax: :+ 39 02 2643 25 27


University Physiotherapist Course
phone: :+ 39 02 2643 2596
fax: :+ 39 02 2643 2527


Faculty of Psychology
phone: :+ 39 02 91751.539
fax: :+ 39 02 91971.454


Faculty of Philosophy
phone : + 39 02 91751.567
fax : + 39 02 91971.451
e-mail :


Socrates/Erasmus Office
phone: + 39 02 91751.553
fax: :+ 39 02 91971.453


Student Office
phone: :+ 39 02 91751.564 – 561
fax: :+ 39 02 91971.453


Student Administration
phone: :+ 39 02 91751.524
fax: :+ 39 02 91971.445