COMPETITION CALL FOR ADMISSION TO THE INTERNATIONAL MD PROGRAM EU citizens reserved BANDO DI CONCORSO (Competition Call)  Call for admission EU Citizens IMDP 2018.2019 (English version) The Regulation for Admittance to the A.Y  2018/2019 in English, translates and lists the points of the Competition Call only for information purposes. It does not have legal value since the Italian version of the Competition Call, the Rectoral Decree n°5420 is the official document regulating the competition. Registration to the admission test opens on January 15 and closes on March 2 at noon
  1. Between January 15 and on March 2 at noon each candidate has to sign up, pay the test fee and book one of the slots available as detailed in point 3.2
  2. Between March 2 at noon and March 6 at noon, candidates who will have already booked a slot before March 2, will have the possibility of changing their slot according to those still available.
 The admission test for the San Raffaele International MD Program EU citizens reserved will be held on March 12 at 4 pm, March 14 at 4 pm and March 17 at 2 pm at the Selexi Test Center, (Centro Direzionale Valtorta, Torre A, 1B floor –  via G. Vida, 11, Milan). The test will be computer-based. The registration to the admission test is possible only after having registered the personal data: if this has not been accomplished yet, follow the instructions in the “Registration (personal data): step by step instructions” guide. After having registered the personal data, the candidates can proceed with the registration to the admission test: download the “Registration to the admission test: step by step instructions” guide. Click here below to be directed to the registration pages and to start the registration procedure: