The Faculty of Medicine’s six-year Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery shares a single, compact site with the world-class Ospedale San Raffaele and its associated, equally prestigous research centres. The Faculty is therefore able to offer its students a rare blend of teaching and direct clinical experience, all under the guidance of teachers and doctors of national and international renown. The relationship between clinician, teacher and student is intense, continuous and reciprocally active. As such, the relationship  develops the student’s “knowing how to be” alongside his/her “knowledge”  and “know-how”.  In other words, the student grows up quickly, and at graduation is well prepared to step into the reality of clinical and/or research life.

Today’s world, including that of biomedicine, is evolving at alarming speed. Our Medical degree is such that our graduates are better prepared than most to manage rapid evolution.  Future innovation in medicine will almost certainly derive from interdisciplinary projects involving physics, chemistry, math, biophysics and biology as well as medicine.  Interdisciplinarity, both theoretical and practical, is second nature to San Raffaele medical graduates  because it is integral to their curriculum and because they have seen it repeatedly at first hand in the clinics and research laboratories by which they are surrounded. Additionally, they have been guided by expert hands to identify a vocational aim that they can truly embrace. Thus prepared, they are ready to take up any position in Italy, and to compete very strongly in the international market.

Our Medicine and Surgery degree offers numerous professional openings, particularly in General Practice, Consultancy and Biomedical Research. The real point, however, is that our graduates are ready for anything.