The 3-year Degree Course in Biotechnology Research in Medicine targets the role and development of biotechnology in the fields of medicine, diagnosis and pharmaceutics.

By definition a transversal discipline, biotechnology has revolutionized life-science research. On receiving  his Laurea honoris causa from San Raffaele, the ground-breaking HIV researcher Robert Gallo went so far as to declare that “Biotechnology ….is medical research today.”

As an increasingly prominent actor in manufacturing processes, biotechnology also plays an important role in industrial organizations, which in turn have contributed substantially to knowledge of the field. As well as encompassing numerous and diverse academic fields, then, biotechnology increasingly crosses the boundary between research and industrial production. San Raffaele welcomes and actively promotes collaboration with industrial operators, which in turn generates stage and employment opportunities for the University’s graduates.

The demand for qualified biotechnologists caught many Universities unprepared, and led to the hurried birth of courses that are modifications of existing programs. By contrast, Università San Raffaele’s courses are ex novo and strikingly innovative. An outstanding teaching staff offers a highly interdisciplinary program that fully exploits San Raffaele’s exceptional, one-stop healthcare-research-teaching campus. Direct access to Research Center laboratories enables students to blend theory with practice, and prepares them for the realities of working life.

The undergraduate program qualifies students  both to enter the world of work immediately and to pursue further studies, such as the University’s own Masters and subsequent doctoral (International Ph.D.) programs.