The 3-Year Physiotherapy Degree Course gives students both scientific knowledge and practical skills, and takes full advantage of the state-of-the-art clinical and research facilities of San Raffaele’s composite healthcare-teaching- research campus.

Centering on the issue of motorial function, the course curriculum targets: the pathologies that compromise motorial function; functional diagnosis and assessment, therapy regimes and physiotherapy techniques; the direct link that exists between basic scientific disciplines and clinical practice; instrumental analysis of movement; methods to ensure continuous learning; the relationship between the therapist and the patient (his/her family).

Students are trained to become independent. Teacher-led activities are therefore balanced by other activities in which students assume the role of protagonist and teachers/practitioners generally act as moderators. Specifically, the course organizes: weekly seminars, in which students present an article from the current literature; student presentations of real-life case studies; practical laboratory activities, under the surveillance of expert physiotherapists; 1,300 hours of closely tutored internship, which includes training at the A.C. Milan football club.

On graduating, the student has acquired the habit of continuous learning and is ready to occupy a position of responsibility in the world of work.

Although advances in Medicine have dramatically increased life expectancy, this trend is necessarily accompanied by an increase in the number of patients requiring therapy for functional motorial disability. Accordingly, demand for qualified physiotherapists is high. San Raffaele graduates in this discipline will be particularly competitive in the job market because their ability to contain and treat disability will in large part derive from their ability to focus on the functional outcomes (rather than on the causes) of the underlying illness.