IMD program NON European Citizens reserved Admission

Admission to the International MD program reserved to Non-European Citizens residing abroad: the regulation for Admittance to the a.y. 2019/2020 in English, translates and lists the points of the Competition Call only for information purposes. It does not have legal value since the Italian version of the Competition Call, the Rectoral Decree n° 5833 is the official document regulating the competition.


Click here to download the NonEU Competition Call 2019

The Number of Places available is 44.
The Registration to the Test will be possible from December 17, 2019 until March 14, 2019 at 12.00 am (CET).

The Non-EU Admission test will be held on March 28.


  1. The candidate enters the personal data: registration to the test is done online through the link published below.
  2. After having registered, the candidate can pay the test fee (170,00 euros)
  3. Once the payment arrives, the candidate is able to book the seat for the admission test choosing among the Test Centers available.



More information about the International MD program click here

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