Complementing the 3-Year undergraduate program, this 2-Year Master’s Degree in Molecular and Cellular Medical Biotechnology aims to produce researchers whose profound knowledge of the most advanced biotechnological applications enables them to independently address the most important basic and applied biomedical issues. As such, the Degree bridges the gap between the undergraduate program and international doctoral programs. More specifically, it gives students direct experience in the 3 main theatres of healthcare work: biomedical research, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

The course is based in DIBIT, the Biotechnology Department of San Raffaele. Part of the San Raffaele Biomedical Science Park, DIBIT is an internationally recognized center of excellence in numerous areas of biomedical research. The Science Park and DIBIT house not only dozens of Research Centers and Services, but also the laboratories of major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

By bringing together such diversified researchers, DIBIT promotes massive flows of ideas and generates opportunities for stages and even employment. Of particular note is the interaction between the University and the Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industry. The latter contributes personnel not only to the program’s Steering Committee, which plays a consultancy role on teaching issues, but also to the teaching staff. Accordingly, the curriculum comprehends industrial experience and the real-life applications that result from biotechnological research.

A highly interdisciplinary curriculum is delivered by a teaching staff of international renown. An innovative teaching methodology encourages students to take active responsibility for their own learning; “student-centered learning” and “self-directed learning” are the key words for this approach. Similarly, top-down theory is complemented by the “problem-based learning” that arises from in-depth analysis of specific, current scientific issues