Ethics and Philosophy of Person

Bellini Bianca
She graduated at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan (2015) defending the Master’s thesis Literary Worlds as Verbal Images: a Challenge for the Reader. Her research interests focus on the applications of the phenomenological method: she is particularly concerned with the application of this method to the literary scope and her PhD project has as jumping-off point the reader’s experience (Erlebnis) of literary works. Her studies aim at figuring out the connections between such an experience, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, readers’ emotional answers, their personal individuality, the plural subjects’ social individuality they are part of and, eventually, the cognitive process the act of reading triggers (she discussed her theses concerning some of these themes in the conference Frontiers in the Philosophy of Literature, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, 25th- 26th September 2015, Literary Worlds: per se Real and Potentially Existing). The output of this research is the birth of a new philosophical scope that enables the reader to approach literary works phenomenologically and that differs from philosophy of literature.
Since 2015 she has been a member of The Nordic Society for Phenomenology (Copenhagen) and of Centro di ricerca in Fenomenologia e Scienze della Persona – PERSONA (Milano).

Philosophy of Mind, Cognition and Language

Laura Caponetto
Research Interests: Pragmatics of Language, Speech Act Theory, Gender Studies.

From November 2015, Ph.D. Student in Philosophy of Mind, Cognition and Language at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan.
In November 2013, has achieved the Bachelor Degree in Philosophy at the University of Catania, with a dissertation on non-human animals’ minds and languages (“Il riscatto della bête-machine”; supervisor: Professor Alberto G. Biuso) and, in September 2015, the Master Degree in Philosophical Sciences at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, with a dissertation on pornography and speech acts (“Pornografia e atti linguistici. Una rilettura in chiave searliana delle tesi di MacKinnon”; supervisor: Professor Claudia Bianchi).
In October 2013, has achieved also the Academic Diploma in Piano at the “Vincenzo Bellini” Music Institute in Catania.
Her research is mainly in pragmatics and in feminist philosophy of language. Her project engages with the debate on hate speech, censorship and freedom of expression and aims to formulate an adequate account of what hate speakers “do with words” – focusing on purveyors of pornography and ordinary people hurling slurs – in the light of Austin’s and Searle’s speech act theories.

Metaphysics and Aetetics

Chiara Boldorini


Chiara Boldorini (Milano 1991) is a PhD student in Metaphysics and Aesthetics at San Raffaele University of Milan since November 2015. In July 2013 she completed her first degree in Philosophy at San Raffaele University discussing an essay entitled L’Uno in immagine. Marsilio Ficino e Sandro Botticelli (supervisor Francesco Valagussa). The research for the Master’s degree thesis started in September 2014 thanks to the collaboration with the Ancient Art Museum of Milan, where she studied Agostino di Duccio’s San Sigismondo in viaggio verso Agauno, a bas-relief there conserved. This research was discussed in July 2015, with a thesis entitled I molti volti della Ninfa. Una lettura warburghiana dell’opera di Agostino di Duccio (supervisors: Dr Francesco Valagussa, Dr Laura Basso, curator of the Ancient Art Museum). The results of this thesis were discussed at Centro studi ClassicA, IUAV University of Venice. Her research interests comprehend an interdisciplinary approach to Renaissance symbolism and Medieval Aesthetics of the Sacred. Publications: C. Boldorini, Il valore della condivisione, modello per una società conviviale, abstract presented during the convention Cibo, culture, religioni at Centro Culturale San Fedele, Milano, 20 November 2014; C. Boldorini, «Non troppo di noi andrà perduto». Le immagini come luogo di esperienza, “Giornale critico di Storia delle Idee” n. 12 (in press).

History of Ideas

Caterina Piccione


Caterina Piccione (Como 1989) is a PhD Student in History of Ideas. In 2012 she achieved the Bachelor Degree in Philosophy at the University of Milan, with an essay on the birth of art, discussing the symbolic meaning of Lascaux cave in contemporary French philosophy. In 2013 she achieved the Master 1 Degree in Philosophie et Épistémologie at the Université Blaise Pascal of Clermont-Ferrand, with a dissertation on contemporary theatre titled “Le corps contre le spectacle”. In 2015 she graduated in Philosophical Sciences at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University with a thesis titled “Autoritratto senza organi. Scrittura e corpo-teatro di Antonin Artaud” under the supervision of Andrea Tagliapietra. Since 2015, she’s been collaborating with the Critical Journal of History of Ideas and with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in the History of Ideas (CRISI). She’s working on the translation and the curatorship of modern and contemporary French plays, as “Montesquieu a Marsiglia” by L. S. Mercier (Biblioteca della polvere, Il Prato, Padova, in press). Her research is currently focused on the intersection of theatre and philosophy; in particular, her PhD project aims at connecting the process of subjectivation and the history of the idea of Character.

Ethics and Philosophy of Person

Marta Boniardi


She received her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Milan, presenting a dissertation on medieval philosophy. She then attended her Master’s in Philosophical Sciences at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, where she specialized in public ethics. She graduated cum laude in July 2016, with a thesis on the ethical issues that lie under the mental health service in Italy (A public ethic perspective on the Italian psychiatric landscape. Supervisor: Professor Roberta Sala). From the following October, she’s a PhD student at this same University. Her main academic interest is the Ethics of Psychiatry, and her research project investigates the issues of cultural psychiatry. For that purpose, she cooperates with the Casa della carità foundation in Milan, and with the connected research center Centro Studi Sofferenza Urbana (Souq).

Philosophy of Mind, Cognition and Language

Giovanni Marco Martino


Research Interest: Frege’s Philosophy of Mathematics, Abstraction Principles, Abstract Objects, Foundations of Mathematics.

From October 2016 he is a PhD student in Philosophy of Mind, Cognition and Language at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan.

In July 2013 he graduated in Philosophy at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna with a thesis titled “Analitico, a priori e necessità: Frege e i Fondamenti dell’Aritmetica”, supervisor: prof.ssa Eva Picardi.

He took his master’s degree in Philosophy, at the same University in March 2016. His thesis was titled “Principio del contesto e oggetti astratti fregeani”, supervisor: prof.ssa Eva Picardi, co-supervisor: prof.ssa Francesca Boccuni.

His research in Philosophy of Mathematics is focused on a formal theory of fregean abstract objects based on Frege’s Context Principle and Boolos and Zalta intuition that abstraction principles rely on explicit existential assumptions. In this abstractionist framework, his proposal is to recover set theory and real analysis.

Metaphysics and Aestetics


Antonella Carbone

Antonella Carbone ( Barletta 1992) is Ph.D Scholar at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan. She graduated top of her Bachelor class in 2013 in University in Bari with a thesis about Nietzsche and Nihilisme ( “Nietzsche and Circe’s  truth: the genealogy applied to the tragedy birth”) and  top of her Master of Arts class in Padua in 2016 with a thesis about J.G. Fichte and his Gotteslehre between 1798-1811.
She spent a studying period in Germany (Erasmus +), in Albert- Ludwig Universität  in Freiburg, where she had the possibility to examine in deepth themes related to Nihilisme matter.
Subjects of the research: J.G. Fichte and german idealism, Nihilisme and Romanticism, Nietzsche