The 3-year Bachelor degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques qualifies students: to enroll in the Order of Junior Psychologists; to enroll in any Masters degree in Psychology offered by Italian Universities; to enroll in the pertinent Masters programs offered by the Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele.

The keystones of this Degree course are as follows:

  • First Year: the theoretical bases (neurobiological and psychodynamic) of General Psychology; the study of higher mental functions (language, thought, cognition) and of personality functions; quantitative data measurement and assessment.
  • Second Year: Social and Development Psychology; Dynamic Psychology and Neuropsychology.
  • Third Year: neuroscience and dynamic psychology within a clinical setting; individual psychology and the psychology of relationships; psychometric and psychodiagnostic measurement and assessment; clinical assessment techniques.

Students enjoy ample discretion in devising personalized study programs. At the same time, they benefit from direct and constant contact with teaching staff and tutors.