The two-year Master’s program in Psychology offers 2 separate curricula that reflect the areas in which the Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele excels, both from a research and from a clinical point of view: Clinical and Health Psychology, and Cognitive Neuroscience. In keeping with the University’s policy of fostering interdisciplinarity, students enrolled on one curriculum are able to select courses from the other.

The first year of the program covers the theoretical and methodological bases of the respective curricula; the second year covers the methodological and technical applications of the knowledge acquired in the first.

The Clinical and Health Psychology program trains students in a form of clinical practice that is centered on the individual and on the individual’s family and socio-relational context.

The Cognitive Neuroscience program focuses on the theoretical and the experimental/methodological skills that are needed for research into neuroscience and its clinical applications.