Spiritual Assistant: don Paolo Andrea Natta
e-mail: patmospan@gmail.com

During the academic year the Chaplain celebrates the Catholic Holy Mass for Students, Teachers and University Staff in the following days and time:

  • Monday at 7.45 am in the  Cappella dell’Ulivo (Accettazione Centrale) switching with the Parish don Martino Antonini
    at 13.10 in the Cappella di San Luigi della Luce (S.Raffaele Turro)
  • Tuesday at 13.15 Ciborio (Dibit 2)
  • Wednesday at 13 in the Cappella Parrocchiale Maria Madre della Vita (Pronto Soccorso, sett. C-1 –Emergency sector C1)
  • Thursday at 8.30 am in the Cappella dell’Ulivo (Accettazione Centrale)

(Before and after the Mass, don Paolo Andrea Natta is available for confessions)