Admitted candidates  must collect the necessary documentation and follow the indications given in their dedicated competition call. All information is available in each call for either EU or Non EU Citizens.

Non EU Citizens must also remember to Request the Study Visa and DV by  contacting their local Italian Consulate and requesting the translation and legalization of high school papers along with the  Study Visa. All Admitted Candidates go through the Consular online pre-enrolment procedure.
Please be aware of accommodation issues when requesting the Study Visa. If proof of lodging is needed and students wish to request a room in one of the university residences please inform the International Office  as soon as possible.

Click here for useful information for Non EU Citizens and immigration procedures

This is the general documentation requested for enrolment. Verify the deadlines on your competition call.
1. Copy of the 1st tuition fee instalment payment receipt*
2. Secondary School Certification (with legalized translation – Dichiarazione di Valore – for all foreign titles)
3. English language certification ( if necessary).
4. Copy of your ID document (passport with the Study Visa for Italy for non -EU Citizens)
5. Copy of your Codice Fiscale (Italian Tax code & ID number  – you can request it at your Italian Consulate or obtain it once in Italy)
6. Two passport sized photographs

The Preventative Medicine requirements must be fulfilled as well by all Students within October 30 of each academic year. Should you not manage to download the files available on the webpage, please send an email to to request them.