The past decade has seen genomics contribute fundamental knowledge about biology and its perturbation in disease. Further deepening this understanding will improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human disease. Obtaining benefits of genomics, we need to consider various important issues such as the new technologies, multidisciplinary interaction, high throughput data production, computational intensity, high standards for data quality, and attention to societal implications.

Curriculum Vitae

Current appointment:

Senior Researcher and Head of the Clinical Molecular Biology Laboratory

Unit of Genomics for diagnostics of human pathologies;

Clinical Molecular Biology Laboratory, Laboraf



1986 – Degree in Biological Science at the University of Milano, Department of Genetics.

1986-87 Specialized studies in Genetics, University of Pavia.

1987-1991 – Specialized in Biotechnology at the Faculty of Science, Department of Biology, University of Milano

1996-00 – Specialized in Medical Genetics at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Milano.

1987 – Expression of cloned DNA sequences in vitro and in vivo, EMBL Laboratory, Heidelberg – Germany

1989 – International School of Pediatric Sciences and FEBS. Second European School of Medical Genetics, Sestri Levante.

1994 – Wellcome Summer Schools. 13° Advanced course Human Genome Analysis: “From YAC to gene”. University of London (UK).

2005 – Wellcome Trust Genome Campus. Working with Human Genome Sequence. Hinxton Cambridgeshire (UK)


Professional experience:

1984-86 – Pre-doctoral laboratory experience, Cytogenetics laboratory of the University of Milano, directed by Prof. G. Simoni.

1986-88- Professor of Science at the “Liceo Classico Parini” in Milano, corso serale.

1986-88 – Post-doctoral full-time, C.N.R. Center of Neuroscience in the Laboratory directed by Prof. N. Borgese


Honors and Awards:

1988 – Winner of the Study prize awarded by the “Emilio Trabucchi Foundation”.



2000-2004 Member and coordinator for Italy of the European Community ResearchTraining Network “Neuronal Calcium Channels in Human Disease”.

2003-2005 Associate Member of the “Education Management Division, Clinical Molecular Biology Curriculum” – International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC).

2004-present Member of the Human Variome Project.

2010-present Member of the Scientific Board of A.I.R.P. (Associazione Italiana Rene Policistico)

Teaching activity

2001-2007 – non-tenured Professor of Biology at the School of Physiotheraphy, Medical School at the Vita e Salute University.

2004-present – Mini-course on Complex Diseases for the course “Diagnostics of Hereditary Diseases” of the Vita-Salute Biotecnology Faculty held by Prof. M. Ferrari.

2002-present – Tutorial for the classes of “Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology” for the students of the San Raffaele Vita e Salute School of Medicine, held by Prof. P.A. Bonini.

Research Activity

Research activity is focused on detection of molecular defect and correlation with clinical features with particular respect to pediatric and neurological disorders in the field of both monogenic and multifactorial traits. The laboratory has a deep experience in molecular genetics and development of advanced protocols particularly in the sequencing and genotyping technologies.

In the frame of the International Human Variome Project, she is involved in creation and maintenance of locus specific and clinical-molecular data-bases aimed to realize a careful and accurate documentation of genome variants related to human disease.

As head of the Laboratory of Clinical Molecular Biology, coordinates a group of 19 people active in the molecular testing of more than 70 inherited disorders. The Laboratory is certified since 1998.


Paola Carrera is author of more than 200 publications, over 70 on peer reviewed journals.


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