Welcome to Milan, the biggest industrial and most cosmopolitan city of Italy situated in the Lombardy region.
It attracts many students, businessmen, fashion designers and tourists from all over the world and all year long so take your time to go through these pages and find out what you need to do to settle down comfortably as an international student living in Italy and find out what Milan can offer you!

The Chamber of Commerce and the Universities of Milan, together promote the many opportunities our city can offer.
As a foreign student, you will find many dedicated services, events and discounts and help with the many issues a foreign student may have when moving to Milan.
Click on this link to get directed to the link STUDY IN MILAN website.

The Municipality’s website will give you further  information on the city of Milan.

Mobile Phone numbers

In order to activate a SIM (mobile phone Card), you will be asked an Identity card, your Italian Codice Fiscale and your permit to stay.
You can then choose between 4 main providers and many kinds of contracts and payment terms.

All providers offer monthly or long term contracts and prepaid cards to be recharged at a Bancomat (atm machine), on line or at a Tobacconist’s and in some supermarkets.

Emergency numbers

Milan is a safe city but you should always take care when walking in certain areas at dark.
We advise you not to walk around with all your money and documents at the same time and keep a watch for pick pockets on public transport.


Should you ever be in an emergency, you must dial the following numbers:

Ambulance: 118
Police: 113
Carabinieri (police with military and civil duties): 112

Fire Department: 115

24h Pharmacies: 800 801185

National Holidays

Here are Italy’s National Holidays when University offices are closed  and no lessons are held.

  • New Year’s day: 1st January
  • Epiphany: 6th January
  • Easter Monday: Monday after Easter
  • Liberation Day: 25th April
  • Labour Day: 1st May
  • Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic: 2nd June
  • Assumption (Ferragosto): 15th August
  • All Saints’ Day: 1st November
  • Feast of the Immaculate Conception: 8th December
  • Christmas: 25th December
  • St. Stephen’s Day (Boxing Day): 26th December
  • St. Ambrogio (Patron of Milan):7th December

Once you have enrolled you will receive a calender and timetable where you will find all these holidays and breaks you have during the year.

Where to Worship

Being a multicultural city, in Milan you will easily find where to go for Worshipping.
Here a just a  few indications to facilitate your research.

Milan, like other major European cities, is expensive and monthly costs vary according to your choice of accommodation and lifestyle.  A student would roughly be spending around euro 1.000,00/1.200,00 per month for the room rent, food, transportation and other expenses, depending however on the student’s lifestyle.

The University has two dedicated residence halls and its students can request a room in them.

It may be  difficult to secure an apartment while you are still living abroad, mainly because you may not know the area surrounding San Raffaele or the city of Milan itself so you may not know where to look for apartments. It is also important to see the apartment and meet the people you will eventually be living with or the landlords/ladies before signing the contracts.

Please note that there is no official accommodation office within the University so the Student alone will be dealing with apartments and contract. The International  Office will however be able to give all the necessary help and contacts to foreign students for finding other residences close to the University or of realtors renting apartments.

If you are a hospital Visiting staff or PhD student or not enrolled to the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, you must contact the Secretary of the hospital/University department you will be referring to for guidance on finding accommodation should the information hereby published be unsufficient.

If you need a hotel close to San Raffaele for a short visit or for your relatives, you can book a room in the HOTEL RAFAEL which stands on the same premises.

Vita-Salute San Raffaele University has two dedicated student halls called Cascina Melghera and Cassinella which are newly reconstructed typical Lombardy farmhouses offering private bedrooms and common rooms for studying together and for living the exciting experience of being part of the Cascina Community and family thus enriching their involvement at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University.

Cascina Melghera
 is a one minute walk to the university while Cassinella is a twenty minutes walk from the university main building.
Both residences offer newly built single bedrooms with private facilities and common rooms for studying, having breakfast or for leisure activities. They also have a gym and a laundry room.
Meals are not included in the fee but they can be done in the University Cafeterias. Cooking is not permitted in the Residences but heating equipment is avaiable in the dedicated areas for breakfast.
Only requests for the entire year will be considered for the assignment of the rooms in the UniSR residences.

Click here to be directed to the UniSR Residence pages, regulations and room request form