1) How do I apply to the International MD Program?

In order to apply to the MD Program you must sit for the Admission test and pass selection.
Registration is done online on a specific registration form which is opened according to the dates and indications given by the official competition call for admissions to the  new academic year.

2) Am I eligible for Enrolment?

The academic requirements for enrolling once admitted are:
- The possession of a High School Diploma (and minimum 12 years of education) and the Dichiarazione di Valore – legalized translation and declaration – which is given by the Italian Consulates.
- An English Language Certification according to the indications you find on the admissions pages.
Please be aware that the papers requested from the Consulates for entering a Medical School can differ from one Country to another, so you must first of all check with your local Italian Consulate.
Please refer to the indications given by the Italian Ministry of Higher Education on foreign titles and consult your local Italian Embassy or Consulate. before applying to find out if your titles will be sufficient for enrolling once admitted. Remember that the University will not accept any foreign Diploma/Certificate or Transcript which has not been translated into Italian and which does not have the Dichiarazione di Valore.
If you pass the test and are admitted to the program but do not meet the above listed requirements, you cannot enrol to the Program.

3) Are there requirements on scores and subjects for A-Level/ IB or Secondary School Diplomas?

There are no specific requirements on high school scores.
The only means of selection is the Admission Test and only the test score makes the final ranking and determine admittance to the course or not.

4) Do you accept BMAT, UKCAT, MCAT or other exams instead of your admission test?

No, each candidate interested in enrolling to the Program must sit for the University’s admission test and pass selection. THE ADMISSION TEST FOR THE INTERNATIONAL MD PROGRAM  IS NOT THE IMAT

5) If I have dual citizenship and one is European for which quota do I compete?

If one of your citizenships is European, you compete for the EU Citizens’ quota.

6) Must I bring my English Language Certification at the admission test.

No, The English language requirements must be met for enrolment. No certificates are requested for sitting the test.

7) When are the test results out?

The test results are out on shortly after the Admission test.

8) Does the University grant scholarships to foreign students for covering the Tuition Fees?

No, the University does not have a foreign student scholarship program.Students must make personal arrangements in their home countries for covering the tuition fees.
There are scholarships for all students (Italian and Foreign Students) given by the Lombardy Region. Details are available on this page: >Borse per il diritto allo studio universitario ed altre agevolazioni Regional Fellowships and Tuition Fee Exemption

9) Do you accept transfer students? Must transfer students sit for the test as well?

Students enrolled to  Italian or European 6 year degree courses must follow the indications given by the IMDP degree course on transfers to higher years which is published in June each year on the transfer page. Only students currently enrolled to Medical schools can request a direct transfer.

Student coming from pre-med courses  must gain admission to the course with all othe candidates. Once admitted, they can eventually request an evaluation of a previous University career and sit an addditional  assesment exam requested by the International MD program Board in order to evaluate the student’s knowledge on the first year courses and see if a transfer to a higher year can be confirmed or not. Evaluations will not be made prior to admission and enrolment to the course.

10) Do you have a 4 year MD Degree Course?

No, the International MD Program is a 6 year one-cycle degree course.