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Welcome to the PhD site of San Raffaele Vita-Salute University. We offer research opportunities in several fields.

Our goal is for PhD students to develop independent intellectual and technical capabilities to pursue their own original research. The PhD title will provide professional training and opportunities necessary for either academic or other science 


National Evaluation of the University high education


International PhD Course in Molecular Medicine

PhD Course in Philosophy

The PhD Course in Philosophy and Scinces of Mind, activated in the A.Y. 2013/2014 and 2014/2015, will be replaced with the PhD Course in Philosophy.

The following PhD Schools have not been activated from the A.Y. 2013/2014; they have been replaced with the International Phd Course in Molecular Medicine and PhD Course in Philosophy and Sciences of Mind:

International PhD School in Molecular Medicine
PhD School in Philosophy and Science of Mind 

PhD Program  in Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences
This PhD Program will not be continued. See the now active PhD Program in Cognitive Neurosciences and Philosophy of Mind.

Phd Program in Cognitive Neurosciences and Philosophy of Mind
PhD Course with IUSS - Pavia (administrative location) with a  joint title IUSS-UniSR. For admission procedures plese visit
IUSS- Istituto Univeristario di Studi Superiori



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