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Giacomo Consalez

Developmental Neurogenetics



Our lab focuses on the molecular mechanisms regulating developmental neurogenesis, particularly in the embryonic cerebellum. The cerebellum is a very informative and relatively unexplored model system that allows fundamental neurogenetic processes to be studied, including the maintenance of the uncommitted progenitor / stem cell pool, neuronal fate determination and commitment, neuronal migration differentiation, neuronal survival. In addition, the cerebellum is the site of malformative, neurodegenerative and neoplastic disorders of considerable importance, and provides a model for studying fundamental pathophysiological processes of broad interest for neuroscientists.

Finally, it is a powerful system for setting up regenerative protocols in vitro and in vivo. The lab uses a variety of approches for the study of neuronal development, spanning genetics, molecular and cellular biology, stem cell biology, biochemistry, and experimental embryology, providing an optimal scientific and technological framework for postgraduate training.


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