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Program in Neuroscience



Who can

The PhD program is open to both italian and foreigners, with no limitation of age and citizenship.   The applicant must hold an Italian Laurea (“Laurea” Degree according to the old regulation, or  “Laurea Specialistica” according to the new regulation) or a foreign equivalent (Master in Life Sciences).   Applicants holding a foreign degree, which was not formally approved, as equivalent to the “Italian Laurea” must present at the time of application the following documents:


- Academic Title with the list of the exams and scores.  This list must be translated and legalized by the Italian representative (Consulate or Embassy) in the country, which released the title;

- “Dichiarazione di valore in Loco” from the same Italian representative.





Prof. Stefano Cappa


The Program in Neuroscience is aimed at preparing graduate students to become scholarly and independent contributors to our knowledge of the function of the nervous system, developing careers in universities, medical schools, research institutions and industry.
The Program is characterized by a broad-based curriculum: candidates receive laboratory training that brings them to the forefront of research in a particular area of interest, while acquiring a broadly based knowledge of neuroscience, ranging from molecular to cellular and systems approaches. They are therefore educated to be conversant in all levels of analysis used in neuroscience.


In addition to attending required courses (which are kept to a minimum to allow sufficient time for laboratory research), students participate in journal clubs which expand their skill to appraise the scientific literature, and are required to give periodic seminars on their research project, thus developing their self-confidence and ability in communicating research results.

Students also take advantage of several institutional seminar series featuring speakers from all around the world and are provided with opportunities to personally meet and discuss with the speakers.
In order to achieve the goal of becoming independent and productive neuroscientists, students work closely with faculty, post-doctoral fellows and fellow students. The intellectually stimulating and pleasant atmosphere created by interactions among our students is also an asset to the program.



The first student in the rank will win an institutional fellowship for three years.  The Director of Study will cover the positions not covered by the institutional fellowship. 

Currently the fellowship is of 18.000 € /year.


3 years

Starting date

January of the current academic year

Official call
and Application  Procedures

Boarding School Boarding School of Neuroscience
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