Info Covid-19

Info Covid-19

What to do if you have symptoms

UniSR has issued a specific document for the management of cases: “Protocol for the management of confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19”, relevant parts of which are summarised below.

Any symptomatic student, not only those with temperature over 37.5°C, but anyone who has any of the typical symptoms of the disease (rhinitis / loss of sense of taste and smell / shortness of breath / cough / abnormally high temperature even below 37.5°C / sickness and diarrhoea), must make contact as soon as possible with:

for the implementation of the necessary measures.

During opening hours (7:30- 16:30 hrs), the Preventive Medicine Service can be contacted by phone (to make arrangements for going to the Service in person); when it is not open, students should go home and contact their General Practitioner or the Lombardy Region Help Line (if they have not been assigned a General Practitioner), and make sure they inform the entities listed above as soon as possible.

Depending on the situation, the competent physician may contact both the person concerned and their contacts directly, to gather information of use for management of the situation

The main useful phone numbers are:

  • UniSR Preventive Medicine: (+39) 02 2643 4405
  • UniSR Health and Safety Service: (+39) 02 2643 4500 _ 02 2643 3859
  • Lombardy Region Help Line: 800 89 45 45
  • Ministry of Health help line: 1500
  • Emergency services: 112