Info Covid-19

Info Covid-19

Access to UniSR facilities

Implementing the COVID-19 prevention measures enforced by the Authorities, before accessing the University everyone must:

  1. fill in the self-certification. The self-certification must be filled in before the first access to the University at the start of the academic year and further to every change in the self-declared status. Each student may fill in and sign the document at;
  2. have their body temperature measured at one of the points provided at the various premises. Access to UniSR facilities is only permitted with body temperature below 37.5° C, so temperature measurement stations have been created at the entrances to the University’s various premises. Therefore, access to UniSR is only possible through one of the entrances where a temperature measurement station is provided.

List of the temperature measurement stations for the various locations available at  Provisions in place for the University community regarding SARS-CoV-2

Contact Tracing

Every student must register their presence in the classroom and in the communal study areas (study rooms, IT rooms, library) to enable contact tracing in the event that a positive case emerges within the University.

They may register their presence as follows:

  • Using the weekly “Register your presence” (“Segnala la tua presenza”) registration system at;
  • In the classroom during lessons, by swiping their badge to confirm their presence;
  • In the communal areas, by compiling the paper access register available in the room.

In accordance with the guidance of national and regional legislation, and in addition to the measures taken within UniSR, students are urged to use the “Immuni " and “AllertaLom” app (available for download to their smartphones from App Store and Play Store) to enable the collection of data in anonymised form and provide the Crisis Unit and specialists with complete, structured information about the spread of the disease, as well as to facilitate tracing of the contacts of people who test positive for COVID-19.