Info Covid-19

Info Covid-19

Didactic activities

Up until August 17 2020, all lessons of all UniSR programs (undergraduate and postgraduate) will be exclusively delivered on line. Distance learning activities can be delivered, according to the methods communicated by the University, both with live streaming system mode and through video recording mode without live streaming.

Until August 17 2020, exams as well as thesis discussions will preferably held on line, as foreseen in UniSR Regulation. They may, however, also be held in person, if conditions allow to.

Medical and healthcare area internships start regularly again following the new organization decided with the host institutions and according to a schedule which will be agreed with the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

Internships of all remaining degree programs can be carried out either on line or in person, according to the instructions of the host institutions and following a schedule approved by each Dean of Faculty and under the responsibility of the internship tutors. Residents will carry out with their activity regularly as before. Practical activities will start again also for residents of the healthcare areas (no medical schools) and for those attending a Psychology Specialization, under the responsibility of the respective Director.