Sigma Ro

Born in the autumn of 2018, Sigma Ro is a group of medical students at the San Raffaele University, who share a common interest in attending post-graduate specialist training abroad (e.g. the United States, England, Switzerland, etc..). Our aim is to collect and share information on the various procedures and tactics necessary to attend specialty school in a foreign country. We organize crash courses on specific subjects, share clinical cases and prepare study materials that will push us all above the average score marks in ANY specialty entrance exam (YES, even the Italian one). We are looking for group representatives for other countries besides the United States - which was one of our main goals - so please contact us if you are informed about attending specialty programs in other countries.

Autumn 2019 - our new project is called Sigma Ro Elite Team, a group dedicated to the preparation of materials useful for the study and preparation for admission tests. For more information contact us and follow our official channel.


Follow us on our official instagram channel for all updates on upcoming events: @unisr.sigmaro



Ettore Da Tos – class of 2021 IMDP UniSR

Jordyn Conley – class of 2021 IMDP UniSR