Doctor europaeus

The additional label of “Doctor Europaeus” it is given by the University with Rector’s Decree on the favorable opinion of the Course Coordinator delegated for this purpose by the Academic Board and upon request by the student who fulfil the prerequisites proposed by the European University Association.

It is neither a supranational academic title nor a title awarded by international institutions

PhD students interested in obtaining Doctor Europaeus must submit the request (the form is available in the Intranet) together the application for the PhD thesis defense.

Requirements to apply for certification of doctor europeaus

  1. the PHd thesis defence must be preceded by the presentation of two positive reports by two professors, appointed by the Course Coordinator delegated for that purpose by the Academic Board, from two higher education institutions of two European countries, other than the one where the doctoral thesis will be defended. These reports should be attached to report of the final exam of the candidate.
  2. at least one member of the commission should come from a higher education institution in European countries, other than the one where the doctoral thesis will be defended;
  3. part of the defence must take place in one of the official languages, other than the one(s) of the country where the doctoral thesis will be defended (French, English, German, Spanish);
  4. the doctoral thesis must partly have been prepared as a result of a period of research of at least 3 months, also non continuous, spent in another European country. The host institution must issue proper certification, attesting the period spent there by the student. This certification will be delivered to the PhD Office when the student gets back from the said period. Participation at training courses is excluded from counting