Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene - Dental School

Professional skill sets are acquired through training activities (lessons, workshops and final exam) that include the acquisition of behavioural skills and are performed in the specific working environment of each professional, in order to guarantee, at the end of the programme, a full mastery of all the skills required and their immediate application in the professional field. Special importance, as an essential and qualifying part of professional training, is given to practical work and the clinical internship, which take place under the supervision and guidance of professional tutors and are coordinated by a member of the teaching body.

The presence within Istituto San Raffaele of a Dental Service that constantly provides a great number of high-quality clinical services, using increasingly specific and sophisticated techniques (high-level implant and prosthetic rehabilitation even on patients with atrophic underlying bone with autologous bone grafts, laser-assisted therapy, surgical microscopy, next-generation electromyography systems, etc.) allows Bachelor’s degree students to observe non-routine procedures that are rarely available in private facilities.

With the transformation needed to comply with Italian Law 270, our Faculty decided that professional training should also include a basic knowledge of psychology, given the fundamental importance of developing a style of communication that is direct, clear and favours a dialogue with the patient as an individual, in order to identify oral health problems and the lifestyle changes required. Furthermore, the chance to perform internship activities (in addition to the usual experience in basic medicine and surgery units) within San Raffaele Turro, which also includes a dental unit specialising in special conditions, makes a considerable contribution to students’ scientific and professional development and their growth as people.