Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

The course presented is the result of an exhaustive national consensus involving this University, as one of the first in Italy, for the implementation of the new university system (Italian Ministerial Decree 19-02-2009).

Basic vision:

  • Planning of students’ educational programme based on the skills required: this means basing all teaching work on the gold standard for the profession in Italy and worldwide.
  • Development of an interdisciplinary approach based on the fundamental areas of nursing: the nursing course provides tomorrow’s nurses with the theoretical frameworks, the methodologies and the technical tools they need to formulate a nursing diagnosis, provide care and evaluate outcomes in terms of efficacy, effectiveness and appropriateness.
  • Learning by doing and putting theory into practice, through the discussion of cases during workshops, part of the clinical internship that is closely coordinated with classroom work.
  • Active student participation thereby allowing students to develop the responsibility required for their role as nurses. Students take part in practical exercises, group work, seminars or experiences abroad as part of the LLP/Erasmus programmes or AISPO projects.
  • Consolidation and expansion of the areas of high-level teaching in Nursing of our University: the areas of nursing research, healthcare management and patient management are put at the forefront of both teaching and research.
Nursing care focuses on the person, rather than on the illness: whereas medicine treats the disease, a nurse cares for the patient.