Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Science for Healthcare Professionals

This two-year programme was designed to train students able to manage and provide, with professional expertise and skill, the most modern techniques used for the rehabilitation of elderly patients

The first year of the Course will focus on current trends in the rehabilitation of elderly patients from a multidisciplinary standpoint, also considering the areas of rehabilitation that are assisted by cutting-edge technologies, such as robotics and virtual reality used to assist therapeutic exercises.

Students will also acquire the expertise needed to measure outcomes and to plan, manage, analyse, statistically interpret and assess clinical trials and
observational studies in the various fields of healthcare. Students will be expected to act in line with papers published in international scientific literature and to autonomously review the information obtained and translate it into their clinical practice.

During the second year, students will learn how to use the most technologically-advanced data acquisition systems (functional magnetic resonance for brain imaging and the analysis systems used to study movement mechanics) pertinent to the neuromotor function and their potential clinical applications.

This cultural baggage will be acquired through both lectures and seminars and the clinical internship, the training initiative that takes place during the
second year of the Course, primarily in the units of IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele in Milan, under the guidance of expert tutors. During their clinical internship, students will be expected to collect and analyse outcome measurement data, propose organisational models and provide tutorship to students on the three- year Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy.