MD Degree in Medicine and Surgery

MD Degree in Medicine and Surgery

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We live in a rapidly-evolving world: knowledge in the medical and biological fields and research techniques are renewed and transformed at a rate that would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago.

In this scenario, Medicine students must receive a very strong theoretical and practical basic training in order to be able to deal with and understand the medicine of tomorrow, which will be associated with increasingly novel know-how and technology, originating from the interactions between medicine, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biophysics and biology. It is only natural that the favourable environment that exists at San Raffaele, with its healthcare facilities and research centres, allows students, from the earliest stages of the course, to grasp the natural integration between clinical work and basic and applied research.

This unique context, which puts students in a privileged position compared to their peers elsewhere in Italy and worldwide, allows them to mature very rapidly, preparing them to approach their future profession with greater confidence and achieve the ultimate aim of our Degree Course: to train doctors who are perfectly suited to Italian society, but also able to compete as equals in the international world of employment.