Master's Degree in Medicine and Surgery

Master's Degree in Medicine and Surgery

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Scarica la brochure 
Scarica la brochure
Scarica la brochure

Educational Project

The Course is structured to train physicians with a solid scientific base and the awareness that it must be kept up to date throughout their career; at the same
time, the aim of training is to provide a strong sense of responsibility, autonomy and the ability to identify and resolve biomedical problems, a deep respect for
human dignity, with an in-depth knowledge of both the bioethical issues associated with the great problems of life, death and suffering and of the evolution of medicine and of the organisation of healthcare, as well as an aptitude for management and public speaking, including in English.

The presence of outpatient and inpatient facilities pertaining to the various medical and surgical specialisations, research labs, lecture theatres and seminar rooms, study facilities and libraries on the same campus, enables students to be exposed to clinical practice from the very earliest stages of their course, by means of integrated courses in which the knowledge acquired in the basic disciplines finds an immediate and early application in clinical settings.

An excellent standard of teaching is made possible by the limited number of students admitted; a teaching staff composed of world-renown experts who are
willing to interact with students; the tutorage work that prepares students for laboratory and ward work; careers advice and teaching options that allow students to follow partly customised courses; innovative teaching approaches, based also on problem-based learning; and the vast range of lectures and seminars held by world-class specialists.