Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology Research in Medicine

From student to researcher

Providing interdisciplinary training programmes able to combine solid biomedical know-how with an in-depth knowledge of the latest biotechnological applications is an essential factor for being able to take part, on a par with other European countries in the cultural revolution of scientific research.

The Bachelor’s degree aims to guarantee a complete educational programme able to forge professionals ready to enter the world of employment whilst simultaneously providing the highest-level of preparation for those who wish to undertake the further studies that allow the training of tomorrow’s researchers.
At our University, Biotechnology Research in Medicine graduates have the chance to undertake the Master’s degree in Biotechnology and Medical Biology and, subsequently, the international doctorate programmes run by the University (International Ph.D. Programmes in Cellular and Molecular Biology and in Molecular Medicine).

Graduates acquire the skill sets required to work in the various biotech sectors applied to human health