Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology Research in Medicine

What is biotechnology? “Biotechnology … is medical research today” is the simple answer given by Prof. Robert Gallo, a leading HIV researcher, during his meeting with our students that followed the presentation of his honorary degree in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies.

The discovery that the information required for the development of living beings lies in the double-helix of DNA and the understanding of the mechanisms that allow this information to be translated into cell functions has revolutionised biomedical research, opening up previously unthinkable clinical, diagnostic and pharmaceutical prospects.

Today’s pioneering research is based to a great extent on biotechnological approaches for the molecular characterisation of physiological and pathological processes. Human genome sequencing and the identification of the abnormal genes that cause a great many illnesses has enabled the development of novel gene therapy and cell replacement strategies (use of stem cells). Additionally, the advent of genetic engineering has allowed the development of innovative targeted medicinal products, by fine-tuning biological assays able to identify chemical compounds capable of interfering with cell functions and the production of biologically-active molecules that cannot be prepared using conventional chemical or biochemical processes.

Graduates acquire the skill sets required to work in the various biotech sectors applied to human health