Students enrolled at the San Raffaele International MD Program will benefit of all the facilities available at Vita-Salute San Raffaele Institute and San Raffaele Scientific Institute, including:

  • traditional lecture halls
  • rooms for specific training activities (small groups, patient simulators, mannequins)
  • skills labs (for practical activities)
  • 3 computer rooms with dedicated teaching softwares (85 Dual-Core Duo PC)
  • meeting rooms
  • study spaces
  • reading and consultation rooms
  • high-speed Wi-Fi connection throughout the campus
  • library with more than 20,000 printed books and access to several thousands of scientific e-publications and resources
  • access to the clinical departments at San Raffaele Hospital one of the most renowned Italian hospitals
  • access to clinical and research laboratories at San Raffaele Scientific Institute, the largest private research institute in Italy