International PhD Course in Molecular Medicine

International PhD Course in Molecular Medicine

Position and Funding

About 130 doctoral students are currently enrolled in our PhD Program in Molecular Medicine.

The number of available positions is available in the Call for the Application and on the web site at “Available Position” page.

Full-time financial support is provided for every student we admit. The maintenance of the status of PhD Student and the renewal of the doctoral fellowship depend on the positive result of an annual examination of the scientific progress..

For the a.y. 2019/2020, 35 students are offered a UniSR scholarship (annual gross wage, before-tax, of € 18,000 for the Three-year fellowship and annual gross wage, before-tax, of € 22.176 for the PhS); the remaining 5 positions are without fellowship but the student will be funded by the hosting laboratory.

In the new Call for Application (C.D. 6163 dated 24/09/2019) are available 5 scholarships of which 3 Fellowships (lasting three year) and 2 PhS fellowships.

Annual research expenses (bench costs) are covered by the hosting laboratories.

During the second and third year, all students receive additional funds (1800 euros/year) to support participation to meetings and workshops. International collaborations are encouraged; if students move abroad to integrate the research activities of their projects, the scholarship is increased by half of the wage (for a period up to 8 months).