Master in Structural and Coronary Interventional Cardiology

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Competition Call

Competition call

Presentation of admission applications: from 21 March 2022 (16.00 pm)to 23 May 2022 (23:59).

The application to participate in the call, including the documentation required by the announcement, must be submitted by accessing the page of the PICA platform at the following address PICA.CINECA.UNISR within the deadline of May 23rd, 2022 (11:59 pm).

Candidates must register on the portal by entering a valid e-mail address and all the information required for submitting the application, all documents must be attached in PDF format. Each attachment must not exceed 30 Megabytes.

The system allows the application to be saved in draft until the deadline of the call. The electronic submission date of the application is certified by an automatic system which will generate a receipt sent by e-mail. Once the deadline term has expired, the system will no longer allow access to submit the electronic form. For any communication it is required the identification number of the application together with the call for admission code.

Evaluation for qualifications and oral exam:

  • Doctor of Medicine degree
  • “Ordine dei  Medici” enrollment
  • Cardiology degree will be considered as a preferential title
  • LEGALIZED TRANSALTION of all certificates (extra-EU)
  • in the case of a qualification issued by an EU country, the Diploma Supplement issued by the university of origin and legalized at the Italian Embassy of the country where the qualification was obtained can be provided.

Oral examination will be performed only if the number of applications will be superior to the available candidates.   -  SCORE = 6

A ranking, based on written examination and title evaluation, will be provided. 

Maximum score = 14

Curriculum vitae (clinical activities) and graduation thesis: Score = 6

Cardiology or Heart Surgery degree:  Score = 2

Scientific pubblication relevant to the field:  Score = 6

Oral examination: Score = 6

DR_7540_2022 Bando ammissione Master II liv. in Cardiologia Interventistica Strutturale e Coronarica

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