Master’s Degree in Psychology

Master’s Degree in Psychology

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Graduates from the Master’s Degree Course in Psychology can carry out the roles and functions of the profession of psychologist (subject to passing the state exam and registration in the professional register within Italy). A one-year internship is mandatory for graduates, which can be performed at the clinical and research structures of the University and Ospedale San Raffaele – OSR and San Raffaele Turro campus.

The Clinical and Health Psychology curriculum will prepare students to perform:
- Diagnosis and assessments of mental function and personality, psychological disorders and mental suffering
- Psychological support to individuals, couples, families and groups
- Integrated clinical interventions within the psychiatric field
- Preventive interventions against psychological disorders and distress, and promoting quality of life and psychological well-being for individuals, couples, families and groups.
- Studies and research in both mental and psychophysical fields into psychological discomfort and psychopathology The Neurosciences curriculum will prepare students to perform:
- Professional activities relating to research, both basic and applied in clinical and non-clinical fields in which analysis and management of cognitive factors play a significant role.
- The research sectors concerned will be: experimental psychology, cognitive neuropsychology, neurophysiology, functional neuroimaging, and aphasiology.
- Graduates will equally be able to perform professional activities such as neuropsychological rehabilitation and diagnosis.