PhD program in Cognitive Neuroscience

PhD program in Cognitive Neuroscience

Laboratorio e progetti

All the proposed research projects are reviewed by the Board of Directors of the PhD Course, in order  to ensure that they meet the requirements for a three-year PhD thesis.

The research projects of the Doctorate are based on the use of laboratories with advanced technologies that allow the Doctoral students to have a high level of access to research facilities required by the individual projects.

The laboratories are the following:

  • Structural and functional MRI imaging laboratory
  • Molecular imaging laboratory (PET, PET/MRI)
  • Laboratory of neurophysiology
  • Neurocognitive rehabilitation laboratory
  • Laboratory of neurophysiology of sleep
  • Laboratory of Action, Perception, Cognition

It is also possible to collaborate with research centres of the University (Centre for Neurolinguistics and Psycholinguistics, Interfaculty Center for Gender Studies), as well as to develop  specific research projects requiring access to  neurological and psychiatric patients, including subjects with personality and developmental disorders.

Please find below the list of the Directors of Studies (with a link to their CV) and their PhD Projects proposed for the academic year 2019/2020

ABUTALEBI JUBINUnit Center for Neurolinguistics and Psycholinguistics

The role of neuroanatomical individual differences in shaping language abilities

DI SERIO MARIACLELIA STEFANIA - CUSSB (University Centre for Statistics in the Biomedical Sciences)


POLETTI SARAUnit: Psychiatry and Clinical Psychobiology

Clustering of psychiatric disorders based on a cognitive biosignature

RONCONI LUCAUnit: In Vivo Structural And Molecular Neuroimaging

Brain mechanisms of temporal multisensory perception

SULPIZIO SIMONEUnit: Centre for Neurolinguistics and Psycholinguistics

The impact of physical exercise on newly-acquired declarative knowledge