PhD program in Cognitive Neuroscience

PhD program in Cognitive Neuroscience

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The PhD course in Cognitive Neuroscience aims to provide excellent interdisciplinary education.

The Doctorate in Cognitive Neuroscience reflects an implementation of the educational offer that is inspired by a cultural approach based on the integration among several disciplines to carry out educational activities and research in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience.

The PhD student will work on the research projects under the supervision of her/his Director of Studies and the scientific advice of a second external supervisor.

Each year the Doctorate Course in Cognitive Neuroscience offers a set of courses that explore the most relevant areas of research in each curriculum and provide students with the training needed for a solid preparation that allows, in addition to the research carried out as part of their doctoral project, a successful  access to the academic world and to research in its broadest sense.

A transversal Program of Courses offers a training to students in statistics-informatics, research management, neuroimages and genetics and specific topics of functional neuroanatomy, neurological and psychiatric diseases, and behavioral disorders.  A solid experience of research in multidisciplinary fields of cognitive neuroscience can have a great appeal at the level of institutions and companies operating in the field.

Students are expected to play a fundamental role in the life of our scientific community by participating in lectures, workshops and seminars organized by the University and  San Raffaele Scientific Institute.

Doctoral students can also be involved in teaching and mentoring activities for San Raffaele University  undergraduate students.

Teaching activity A.Y. 2018/2019

  • Public speaking skills
  • Neurodegenerazione di networks dalle molecole al comportamento
  • Psicometria e neuroscienze: un’introduzione
  • Neuroplasticità, evidenze dal neuroimaging
  • Individual differences in language abilities: cerebral constraints and experiential factors
  • Alterazioni del ritmo sonno-veglia: effetti sulle funzioni cognitive
  • Gestione della ricerca, della conoscenza dei sistemi di ricerca e dei sistemi di finanziamento
  • Psicofisiologia delle emozioni
  • The clinical neuroscience of psychopathy
  • Ecological Language: A multimodal approach to language learning and processing