Cdl magistrale in Biotechnology and medical biology

Cdl magistrale in Biotechnology and medical biology

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Teaching approches

The Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and medical biology course aims to train researchers equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the most advanced biotechnological applications, providing them with the know-how needed to independently tackle the most pressing scientific issues in the basic and applied biomedical research sector.

The personality of the future researcher is built through the development of specialist skill sets and individual critical and analytical abilities. This is achieved through a novel approach to teaching, known as student-centred learning, that allows the student to take an active and responsible role.

The teaching staff favours this process by creating the necessary conditions, helping students to develop this individual approach to their studies (self-directed learning), involving and consulting them when devising courses and dealing with specific issues regarding professional practice as a stimulus to their learning process.

The core learning pathways are necessarily interdisciplinary and centred on individual or group problem-based learning. To achieve this, significant space will be dedicated to guided seminar-type teaching, in order to achieve a number of goals:

  • in-depth exploration of the most pressing scientific issues;
  • learning on specific topics based on guided literature-based research;
  • familiarity with the forms of communication used in the international scientific research field;
  • to encourage the habit of engaging in an active interaction with national and international scientists.