International Medical Doctor Program

The curriculum of the San Raffaele International MD Program is a solid but innovative curriculum based on two initial preclinical years which take a solid in-depth look at the basic-sciences needed for the medical profession, as well as at the human sciences required to develop an effective doctor-patient relationship.
The preclinical years are followed by three clinical years which aim to develop articulate medical skills both at theoretical and practical level. The sixth, and final, year will be entirely dedicated to the preparation of a thesis and to the acquisition of specialist notions that will facilitate access to residencies and post-graduate programs.
A personalized curriculum: in addition to the core subjects, students will be able to personalize their academic careers choosing from a wide range of  tailored activities and insights
English is the official language for lessons, practical activities and exams. Italian language courses will be organized during the first years both to facilitate every day life in Italy and also to enable interaction with patients during the clinical years.
The total number of credits for the six- year medical degree  course is 360 which are organized according to the IMDP General Study Plan.

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Lessons and Exam scheduling: The Academic year begins on the first days of October and ends on the 30th of September.
During the first two years there is a distinction between lesson period and exam period and the academic year is organized in two semesters;
The 1st semester begins in October and ends in January with the Christmas break in December. The month of February is entirely dedicated to exams (Winter exam session)
The 2nd semester begins in March and ends in June.
The months of July and September are dedicated to exams (Summer and Autumn exam session)
The Summer break is in August when there is no academic activity going on within the University.

Lessons normally begin at 9 am and end at 4 or 6 pm according to the different subjects and to possible laboratories or practical activities. Lunch break is from 1 to 2 pm. Full time attendance is requested.

From the 3rd year the lessons are structured in ‘blocks’ which means that the students concentrate on one subject at a time, therefore the semester division and exam sessions are not so strictly defined as in the first 2 years. After each ‘block’ of lessons the students have a week’s study leave and then they sit for the exam before passing on to the next block.

For each subject there can be up to 5 exam dates spread over and during the various exam sessions (for example, 2 in February, 2 in July and 1 in September). Some subjects may require mid-term exams as well.

The Italian system of evaluation goes from 18 points to 30 cum laude, where 18 means pass and 30 cum laude corresponds to honours.

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