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Research Activity

Curriculum Vitae


Research Activity

Our research focuses on understanding how neuronal networks are established and maintained throughout the life of an organism.

Neurons are morphologically complex and highly polarized cells that require the tight control of their proteome at the subcellular level. The local synthesis of proteins in restricted neuronal compartments, such as axons, dendrites and synapses, is crucial for neuronal function and survival. Highlighting the importance of this biological process, dysregulation of mRNA transport and/or translation has been linked to several neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders.

Our laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms underlying the transport and translation of specific mRNAs in neuronal subdomains, and the physiological role of this process in neuronal development and function. Additionally, we investigate how alterations in post-transcriptional mRNA regulation participate to the etiology behind neurological disorders.

Curriculum Vitae


2012 PhD in Health Science-Neurobiology at the University of Montpellier II – France

2008   Master in Sciences, Technology and Health (Bio-medical specialty)

2006   BSc in Cell Biology and Physiology


Research experience/employment

Present - Group Leader at the San Raffaele Institute – Milan - Italy

2013-2018 - Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of CambridgeUK

- Postdoctoral associate at Trinity College (since 2017)

- EMBO Fellow (2014-2016)

2008-2012      PhD Research - Institute of Functional Genomics - CNRS – France

Affiliated with the University of Montpellier II, France


Fellowships and awards

2019-2022       The Giovanni Armenise - Harvard Foundation Career Development Award

2014-2016      EMBO postdoctoral Long-Term Fellowship

2008-2012      MRT PhD fellowship - French Ministry of National Education


Teaching experience

2008-2012         Teaching assistant at the University of Montpellier II

Lectures and practical classes in Physiology and Neurobiology.


Complementary training:

2009 - Post-graduate course in University teaching. 100 hours


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Schaeffer, J., Tannahill, D., Cioni, J-M., Rowlands, D., Keynes. R. Identification of the extracellular matrix protein Fibulin-2 as a regulator of spinal nerve organization. Developmental Biology, 2018,  442(1), 101-114.

Cioni, J-M., Wong, H., Bressan, D., Kodama, L., Harris, W., & Holt, C. Axon-axon interactions regulate topographic optic tract sorting via CYFIP2-dependent WAVE complex function. Neuron, 2018, 97(5), 1078-1093.

Wong, H., Lin, J.Q, Ströhl, F., Roque, C., Cioni, J-M., Cagnetta, R., Turner-Bridger, B., Laine, R., Harris, W., & Holt, C. RNA docking and local translation regulate site-specific axon remodeling in vivo. Neuron, 2017, 95(4), 852-868.

Cioni*, J-M., Koppers*, M., & Holt, C.E. Molecular control of local translation in axon development and maintenance. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 2018, 51, 86-94. *Authors contributed equally to this work.

Hörnberg*, H., Cioni*, J-M., Harris, W., & Holt, C.E. Hermes regulates axon sorting in the optic tract by post-transcriptional regulation of neuropilin 1. The Journal of Neuroscience, 2016, 36(50), 12697-12706. *Authors contributed equally to this work.

Telley*, L., Cadhillac*, C., Cioni, J-M., Saywell, V., Bachy, I,  & Ango. F.  Dual function of NRP1 in axon guidance and subcellular target recognition in cerebellum. Neuron, 2016, 91(6), 1276-1291. *Authors contributed equally to this work.

Saywell*, V., Cioni*, J-M., & Ango, F. Developmental gene expression profile of axon guidance cues in Purkinje cells during cerebellar circuit formation. Cerebellum, 2014, 13, 307-317. *Authors contributed equally to this work.

Cioni, J-M., Telley, L., Saywell, V., Cadilhac, C., Huber, AB., Huang, JZ., Jahannault, C & Ango. F. SEMA3A signaling controls layer-specific interneuron branching in the cerebellum. Current Biology, 2013, 23(10), 850-861.


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