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IMD Program EU Citizens reserved - INFORMATION AND ENROLMENTS April 1, 2019


Candidates ranked at n. 275 and 284 can enroll online by November, 6 2019 at noon.

During this period, all the admitted candidates will have to:

  1. Follow the online enrolment procedure indications
  2. Print out the form at the end of the enrolment procedure
  3. Make the payment of the first instalment using the MAV form available at the end of the online enrolment procedure
  4. Send as pdf attachment the enrolment request form filled out and signed, a copy of the payment confirmation, a copy of the english knowledge certificate, a copy of a valid identity document to the email address imdprogram@unisr.it specifying as Re: “Enrolment to the International MD program”

The Registrar’s Office will send an email to confirm enrolment within the next working day from receiving date of the email with the documents.

For information on the enrolment documentation needed, candidates must refer to the competition call, point n° 7  and prepare everything in time for the deadline.

In particular,  please note that the certification concerning English language knowledge according to the indications given in point n° 7 of the Competition Call,  must be ready IN TIME FOR ENROLMENT ONLINE.

Candidates without the necessary certification will not be allowed to enroll and will lose their place in the International MD Program.



  • Enrolment Request Form (already sent via email )
  • English Language knowledge Certification (original copy)
  • For students with an Italian Maturita’: ‘autocertificazione conseguita Maturità’ (online form)
  • For students with foreign high school diplomas: original Diploma/Certificate with verified translation into Italian and DICHIARAZIONE DI VALORE for foreign titles given by the local Italian diplomatic authorities (Italian Consulate/Italian Cultural Centre). This declaration must have the information on the evaluation system of Certificates in the Country where it was obtained (final score, minimum and maximum score that can be assigned)
  • Signed Privacy statement form (online)
  • Photocopy of a valid ID document (and permit to stay badge if Non-EU Citizen already residing in Italy)
  • Copy of the codice fiscale badge for Italian Students – ***Foreign students can request one at their local Italian Consulate or obtain it once in Italy***
    1 signed passport size photograph signed on its back

Candidates with any kind of permanent or temporary disability in need of extra means of support, must formally request the support they will need for the didactic activity (law  104February 5, 1992 and as modified by the law n.17/1999). Candidates with learning disabilities according to the law n°170 October 8, 2010 with the new regulation concerning specific learning disabilities within the educational environment can request the special terms foreseen from the Ministerial Decree n. 5669, July12, 2011

In order to apply, all these requests must be accompanied by a medical certificate and sent to the email address dsa.sd@unisr.it.

  • According to the DLgs 81/2008, periodic health surveillance is mandatory for all the students enrolled in the IMD Program:

Mandatory Health Surveillance – Compulsory forms for enrolment

FINAL RANKING IN ORDER OF POSITION (March 19, 2019) IMD Program EU Citizens reserved: FINAL RANKING IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER (March 19, 2019) Bando IMD EU