The 3-year Bachelor degree course in Philosophy is structured around 4 main conceptual areas:

  • technical and artistic production (philosophy of technology, esthetics and economics);
  • scientific research on nature, man and language (the quest for truth, self-knowledge, investigation of the mind and of cognitive functions);
  • moral and political action (the quest for the relationship between the law and justice, between individual good and common good);
  • questioning as to the bases of thought and what is real (logic, metaphysics and theology).

Upon graduation, students are able:

  • to analyse and discuss the main philosophical, ethical, political and social issues of contemporary society;
  • to produce high-level scientific literature in Italian and at least one other European language;
  • to work successfully in an interdisciplinary environment.

The teaching program bears all the distinctive features of San Raffaele education: teachers of the highest order; multiple learning formats (lectures, seminars, internships, work placements); direct and constant contact between teachers and students; interdisciplinarity.