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Caterina Uberti-Foppa, MD, born in Pianengo (Cremona), graduated at the University of Milan in 1983, and specialized  with Summa Cum Laude in Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the University of Milan in 1987. At the San Raffaele Scientific Institute (Milan, Italy) she is Deputy Director at Division of Infectious Diseases since 1991. She is also  Professor in Infectious Diseases at University “Vita Salute San Raffaele”  of Milan for Master of Science in Medicine and  for the School of Specialization in Infectious Diseases since 2000.

She has a vast  experience in infectious diseases  and hepatotropic viruses. She  is Group Leader  of   the “Unit for Study and Therapy of Diseases from  Hepatotropic Viruses”, a clinical research unit carried out at the Department of Infectious Diseases.

The unit collaborates with national and international networks (PITER, EuroSIDA, EUROSUPPORT, ICONA, COHERE, Regional Network for  HCV therapy) and receives funding from pharmaceutical companies for  the conduction of national and international  phase II-IV  treatment studies  and  from national ( ICONA) and international (EuroSIDA, EUROSUPPORT) agencies.

Her area of interest in mainly focused  on the study and treatment of hepatotropic viral infections and of new treatment strategy for HIV positive subjects. Her research interest is  mainly focused on  the distribution of HCV natural resistance in Hepatitis C genotypes  and  on the role of gene variants  as predictors of severe liver steatosis and/or  liver fibrosis in HIV/HCV coinfected subjects.  In addition , her research interests include the diagnostic accuracy of non-invasive biomarkers of fibrosis for the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis and the pharmacokinetics of antiretroviral drugs in combination with anti-HCV therapies  in HIV/HCV positive patients with cirrhosis. She is a member of Italian Infectious Diseases Society and of International AIDS Society. Prof. Caterina Uberti-Foppa is also consultant in Infectious Diseases in  the Scientific Institutes in Milan (C.Besta Neurologic Institute, National Institute of Oncology).

Caterina Uberti Foppa is author of  101 original articles published in peer-reviewed journals (PubMed), h-index (January 2017): 15 (Source Scopus). She is  also  author of 12 chapters in books about Infectious Diseases for the degree course in Medicine and the Specialization in Infectious Diseases.


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