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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The goal of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University is to answer the question

QUID EST HOMO? (What is man?), with the conviction that human beings are biological, psychological and spiritual entities. This mission is carried out as an investigation into the essential biological structures, as cures for pathological conditions, as the discovery of intellectual potential, and as the sounding out of spiritual resources

Excellence – both in the clinical field and in research and education – is not attained without constant commitment.

The Vita-Salute San Raffaele University is an institution which is demanding, based on religious and value-based principles, created in order to interpret its founder’s ideals in a complex cultural and educational project.

Excellence has always guided the university and has led to our choice of a limited number of students, who are admitted following rigorous entrance exams, in order to guarantee a fantastic working relationship between the teaching staff and students. The course curriculum has been designed with the goal of eliminating the phenomenon of students repeating exams. Attending theoretical lessons and practical exercises is mandatory.

This all takes place in a setting intended to foster the holistic growth of students with personalised curricula, a close student-teacher dialogue, the development of the ability to analyse one’s own field and to care for others, the habit of staying up-to-date and reflecting on delicate contemporary topics (death and suffering, bioethics, environmental ethics, business, politics, etc.), and a course curriculum that is able to balance learning requirements with the need to pay attention to personal inclinations and vocations. This Quality Policy has always laid out very precise core goals, aiming to also measure its quality indicators in a quantitative manner.

UniSR operates through an integrated approach in which the three missions, which are in close contact and constant dialogue, are manned by different actors who guarantee quality with a view to responsible and reliable autonomy, in order to place individuals at the center.

The fundamental principles that guide this aim, in line with the pursuit of the University's Mission and Strategic Guidelines, are:

  • the orientation "to people, for people" with a view to continuous interaction and satisfaction of the needs of all the individuals involved (students, teachers, technical-administrative staff);
  • the adoption of a Comprehensive approach that is inclusive and concerning the entire University from a vertical perspective (from recruitment policies, up to the staff, the student population and life on campus).

Main Quality Authors

In accordance with the Quality Policy of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, and with the Italian ANVUR guidelines, the role of main authors of the self-evaluation process is assigned to:

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