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Internship Office

Internships Office

The Internships Office assists and guides you throughout your career, giving you access to experiences which support your course of study, such as training and guidance internships, whenever these are envisaged in the Course Curriculum or approved by the Degree Course reference person, and manages extra-curricular internships (following graduation) for UniSR graduates, according to applicable regulations, up to 12 months after graduation.

Furthermore, those receiving a Master’s Degree in Psychology from UniSR receive bureaucratic and administrative support in the internship for admission to the state licensing examination required for registration as a practising psychologist (Albo A).

Students and graduates of other Italian universities

Students and graduates of other Italian universities wishing to carry out an internship at Ospedale San Raffaele are advised to visit the hospital's website for the direct contacts of the ward/laboratory they wish to attend and all relevant information, with the support of their home University.

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