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Welcome to Milan

Welcome to Milan, Italy's largest industrial hub and a cosmopolitan metropolis nestled in the heart of Lombardy.

As a vibrant global destination, Milan continuously draws in students, entrepreneurs, fashion enthusiasts, and travelers from across the globe, all year round.
We invite you to explore the wealth of resources and information available on these pages to help you settle comfortably into your life as an international student in Italy and to uncover the myriad experiences that Milan has in store for you.

YESMILANO, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, the Municipality of Milan, and the city's esteemed universities, serves as a dynamic physical and virtual hub designed to cater to the diverse needs of international students. Whether you require assistance on immigration, access to tailored events, or insights into student life in Milan, the whole city is here to support you with services encompassing an array of dedicated offerings, exclusive events, special discounts, and guidance for addressing the various challenges that may arise during your journey in Milan.

To embark on your Milanese adventure, click on the following link to access the YESMILANO website, your gateway to a thriving community and invaluable resources for international students.

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