Training courses

Training Courses

Vita-Salute San Raffaele University expands its postgraduate offering through the promotion and implementation of supplementary teaching services and educational paths.

These initiatives are aimed at professionals, both Italian and international, from various university sectors and routes, who are interested in learning more about specific topics and improving both their theoretical and technical/operational knowledge.

The structure and duration of the teaching is designed to satisfy the requirements of professionals who need to combine their work and educational commitments.

The course types are varied, ranging from proficiency courses requiring a university degree, to professional development/refresher courses granting university credits, as well as permanent education courses and specialised staff training courses.

Any credits awarded on the basis of the activities is subject to assessment testing to determine the skills and knowledge acquired. A certificate of attendance and merit may also be issued.

The enrolment fees and methods, schedule and curriculum, faculty and updates on the various editions will be published on these pages for each course.