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Authenticity Control of Academic Titles

Authenticity Control of Academic Titles – ESSE3 PA


Article 15 of Italian Law 183/2011, which entered into force on 1 January 2012, made modifications to Italian Presidential Decree 445/2000, containing the consolidated law on legislative and regulatory provisions in the area of administrative documentation.

In particular, it requires that “Certifications issued by the public administration relating to personal states, qualities and facts are valid for use only between private parties. In relationships with public administration bodies and the operators of public services, certificates and affidavits are always replaced by the declarations specified in articles 46 and 47” (self certifications).As a result of this, pursuant to article 71, para. 1 of Italian Presidential Decree 445/2000, “the respective authorities are required to perform suitable checks, including through sampling, and in all cases in which doubts should arise as to the truthfulness of the self certifications pursuant to articles 46 and 47”.


Pursuant to Italian Presidential Decree 445/2000 and Italian Legislative Decree 82/2005, in order to facilitate the acquisition and control of the self certifications as to personal states, qualities and facts pursuant to articles 46 and 47 of Italian Presidential Decree 445/2000, administrations which hold databases which are accessible remotely can enter into agreements with other administrations in order to regulate the methods of access to the data contained in such databases.

To this end, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University has implemented a convention for access to its Registrar’s Office data.

Public Administrations and operators of public services interested in entering into this convention are invited to:

  1. a) Fill out the convention form, save the file in PDF/A format (as this is a format suitable for long-term retention) and sign it with a digital signature pursuant to Article 15 of Italian Law 241/1990, as amended by Article 6 Italian Decree Law “Decreto Sviluppo-bis” (no. 179/2012, as amended by Conversion Law no. 221/2012)
  2. b) Complete and sign, with hand-written signature, the request form for accreditation/access to data consultation; please note that the form must be completed both for the legal representative and for all assignees who are to receive accreditation for accessing the data (if these should differ from the legal representative)
  3. c) Provide a copy of a valid identity document and Italian tax code (“codice fiscale”) for the parties per point b)
  4. d) Send the documents listed in points a), b) and c) from the certified email (PEC) account of the organisation making the request to the university’s certified email (PEC) address:

Upon conclusion of the application investigation, the competent departments of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University will return to the organisation making the request a countersigned computerised duplicate of the convention, along with the access credentials for the ESSE3 PA database.


After receiving their credentials, approved organisations can access the data via the web


Public administration bodies and the operators of public services must send requests to check the veracity of data submitted to them through self certifications to the university via Certified email (“PEC”)

Note that such controls can only be performed when

correct identification data is supplied for the person issuing the declaration along with a precise indication of the data to be checked.

In the event that a convention is not in place, checks on self certifications sent by public administration bodies to this administration will be processed within 30 days of the request via certified email


In the event that requests for authenticity checks are made by a private party (natural or legal person), in order to proceed with this check the request must be accompanied by written consent from the party/parties who issued the self certification or affidavit. The written consent MUST be accompanied by a photocopy (front and rear) of a valid identity document of the party or parties who issued the self certification.

Such requests can be sent via Certified email to or, for those not in possession of an Italian certified email (“PEC”) address, via emailto

Checks on self certifications sent by private parties to this administration will be processed within 30 days of receipt of the request.

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