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Equal opportunities supervisory committee

Equal opportunities supervisory committee

Supervisory committee for equal opportunities, worker welfare and non-discrimination (CUG)

Article 21 of Italian Law no. 183/2010 established the Supervisory committee for equal opportunities, worker welfare and non-discrimination (CUG).

The primary goal of the Unisr CUG, established in 2019, is to promote equal opportunities and combat all forms of discriminatory behaviour and actions that negatively impact the quality of working life at our University, particularly among those categories of persons who are regularly subject to discrimination, harassment and attacks on their personal dignity for reasons of gender, disability, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, etc.

The five key goals of the CUG:

  1. Promote equality and remove inequalities to guarantee equal opportunities at the University
  2. Prevent discrimination, direct or indirect, for reasons of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, disability, religion, language
  3. Combat all forms of aggressive or oppressive behaviour and all forms of moral or psychological violence, identifying the conditions, organisational factors and phenomena that can generate them
  4. Prevent all episodes of mobbing, promoting codes of conduct and actions to prevent, stem and analyse the phenomenon
  5. Take action in the appropriate settings to remedy the specific cases reported.

As outlined in the CUG Institutional Regulations, available on the website, focusing particular attention on the categories most subject to discrimination, the goals of the Committee include:

a) developing proposals for initiatives and measures designed to remove any obstacles that hinder equal opportunities in the university setting, in study, research, teaching and working activities;

b) contributing to optimising work productivity, improving the efficiency of working performances, also through the creation of a workplace characterised by respect for equal opportunities, organisational wellbeing and the combating of all forms of discrimination;

c) promoting equal opportunities in the future employment of Vita-Salute San Raffaele University students, performing surveys and statistical analyses and developing proposals and initiatives;

d) combating all forms of moral or psychological violence and any other type of discrimination, direct or indirect, connected with gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, disability, religion, language, social or cultural condition;

e) promoting the culture of equal opportunities and respect for people’s dignity in the work setting, also through initiatives that involve the people that work at the University and the students.

The Committee performs a cultural role intended to foster equal opportunities, also through the promotion of scientific activities aimed at focusing attention on the issue, the promotion of scientific and educational activities on topics of interest to the Committee, and the organisation of training courses, seminars and conferences.

Any reports and/or information requests can be sent to the following email address


Prof. Francesca Maria De Vecchi - President
Prof. Luigi Ferini Strambi   
Federica Grazioli    
Francesco Tienghi  
Costanza Boggio   
Christian Francesco Grieco

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