Individual courses

Admissions and enrolment for individual courses

For the purpose of integrating their degrees, holders of a bachelor’s or master’s degree, as well as holders of a high school diploma, can enrol to individual courses within the various Courses of Study, upon the Course Council's approval. Students can enroll in the corresponding exams and receive a certification according to the procedured defined by the Faculty within the criteria established by the Academic Senate (Art. 30 of the University Didactic Regulations, general section).

Enrolment cut-off dates

15 February and 15 September of each year.

Deadline for taking exams

By the end of the academic year in which the candidate is enrolled for (30 September of the following year).

Please note that enrolment for individual courses is incompatible with the enrolment in another Study Course in Italy.

Admission process

Candidates may submit their application by the cut-off dates abovementioned. The documentation must be delivered in-person by the student or by an authorized third party with a proxy to the Student Center

The Student Center is located in Via Olgettina, 58 20132 Milan

Building: Dibit 2, floor -1

Enrolment Procedure

The Student Center will contact candidates by email to notify them of the result of their application, if admitted or not, and the relative procedures.