Incoming Transfers

General Information on transfers

If you wish to transfer, please acknowledge that requests can only be sent according to the official procedure which is published each year in the months of June/July on this page

The official procedure confirms:

Applications deadlines

Application modalities and documents to be sent

Number of places available for each year.

Please also note that usually:

  • All documentation you send in for the evaluation must have the seal and signature of the University of origin. The grading system must be indicated as well and any foreign document (transcripts/syllabi/etc) must be either in Italian or English. If the documentation comes in any other language, the Student will have to provide for a verified translation into English
  • The transfer is ultimately confirmed, after positive evaluation, based on the number of places available in the year you are requesting the transfer to. Please note that not all years are accessible as transfer student.
  • Applications which do not follow the official procedure will not be considered.

Credit transfer assessment

Students who wish to apply for transferring to one of the UniSR programs for admission to years following the first one must follow the instructions and meet the deadlines indicated in the Call for application - Chancellor's Decree – or in the procedures of the chosen Degree Course.

These documents include also the number of available places.

In order to send your application please click on the link below, complete the registration of your personal data and then click on Menu -> Registrar's Office -> Transfer procedure".

APPLY HERE from June 10, 2021 at noon (CET). 


The 50 Euros payment has to be done via wire transfer using the following bank details:

Via S. Maria Fulcorina, 1 20123 MILANO (MI)
Account number: 16782/34
IBAN: IT73U0569601600000016782X34

For further information you may contact us at:

Phone: +39 0291751.500

Registration personal data 2021

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery academic year 2021/2022

The Call for credit transfer applications - Chancellor's Decree - and the procedures for each Degree Course of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery are published here below.

Please note that Chancellor's Decree is available in ITALIAN ONLY but you will find all the usefull details in the Procedure documents attached in the following paragraphs.

_DR_7067_2021 Procedure Valutazione Iscrizioni anni successivi al Primo (Trasferimenti in ingresso)_Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia Fac simile elenco esami - exams list

Transfers to the International MD Program

Incoming transfers for IMDP Program are possible only for the second, third and fourth year.

The number of places available for incoming transfers are provisional until the beginning of the Academic Year.

Please download and carefully read all the attachments below:

2.International MD Program_Transfer procedure_2021-22 Table A - Preceding Career Evaluation 2021.2022 - Transfer to Year 2 _rev Table A - Preceding Career Evaluation 2021.2022 - Transfer to Year 3 and 4 IMDP_Transfer Application Form 2021.2022 Fac simile elenco esami - exams list

Transfers to the MSc in Biotechnology and Medical Biology

Please download and carefully read all the attachments below:

Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and Medical Biology_Transfer procedure 2021-22 Fac simile elenco esami - exams list

Faculty of Psychology academic year 2021/2022

The transfer procedure for the Degree Course in Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication is published here below.

CORSO DI LAUREA MAGISTRALE IN PSICOLOGIA COGNITIVA NELLA COMUNICAZIONE DELLA SALUTE_Procedura trasferimenti in ingresso_2021-22 Modulo Domanda Valutazione Crediti 2021


The final rankings of the results of the credit transfer assessment evaluations for each Degree Course of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery are published here below.

Applicants who have been evaluated as ELIGIBLE – TRANSFERABLE will receive a message from the the Academic Secretariat  tomorrow, September 28, 2021 and they must reply in order to ACCEPT or REJECT the transfer proposal by Thursday, September 30, 2021 putting in CC

Applicants who have been evaluatued as ELIGIBLE will be contacted only in case of non-coverage of available places.

Graduatoria Trasferimenti CdLM in Medicina e Chirurgia Graduatoria Trasferimenti CdLM in Medicina e Chirurgia in lingua inglese - IMD program Graduatoria Trasferimenti CdLM in Odontoiatria e Protesi Dentaria Graduatoria Trasferimenti CdL in Infermieristica Graduatoria Trasferimenti CdL in Ostetricia Elenco Ammessi CdL in Ricerca Biotecnologica in Medicina

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